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Indictment Suggests Calls Were Made To Young Thug & Birdman After Lil Wayne Shooting

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Up until the tour bus shooting, I considered the grievance between Lil’ Wayne and Birdman to be bad business.  It wasn’t the obligatory  “I screwed your girl. You said I couldn’t rap. You not as a hard as you claim.” allegations that start infamous rap beefs. It appeared to be the standard “we have contracts and you aren’t fulfilling your obligations” complaints that many proprietors of business endure.  Like many, the legal system was set to handle the complaint. However , the 17-page 30 –count indictment alleges otherwise. According to the indictment, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey is facing a laundry lists of charges including 3 counts of R.I.C.O., multiple counts of Violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act & Aggravated Assault among other charges.

halftime video which is included in the indictment.


Floyd Mayweather’s Shady Sidechick Steals 8 Rolexes And $10,000 From Him In Planned Robbery!

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Mayweather’s homes was robbed the night of his Sept. 14 fight against Canelo Alvarez.

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