Love & Hip Hop, Espiode 4

12:05 PM

If you didn’t get a chance to watch VH1′s ‘Love & Hip Hop‘ last night — you didn’t miss much. Kimbella’s hair piece caught on fire as she sat and watched male and female strippers in action. And we’re supposed to believe that her hair went up in flames but she didn’t feel any heat or smell anything? We timed it, and it turns out that Michael Jackson’s hair was in flames for less time than Kimbella’s. Yet MJ was hospitalized and the fire scarred him for life

 Meanwhile, rapper Jim Jones, 35, and his mom Nancy, aka Mama Jones, 52, clash over her constant run-ins with Jim’s girlfriend, Chrissy. Jim has a subconscious desire to control his original love object (his mother).

 So he searched around for a suitable love substitute to replace his mother — and the best he could come up with was the emotionally labile Chrissy, 40, who has control issues of her own.

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