Emotional Nicki Minaj Accepts Billboard Rising Star Award, Says She’s Thankful For Taylor Swift [Video]

6:59 AM

Women In Music event. As the Head Barb In Charge took to the stage, she became teary eyed as she talked about her Barbz and how grateful she was that they’ve continued to stick beside her:
I just know that I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for a couple little kids. Maybe a few million, I call them my Barbz and I know they are not in here today but I know they will hear me say this. Barbz, I love you so much for being by my side for such a long time. Billboard, Thank you so much for recognizing me. Even before Superbass and even before Pink Friday, you believed in me.
All of the women tonight that have been recognized, I am so proud of you for showing me that this can be done, and that this is possible and for showing so many girls that you can be your own boss and that you can make music that you want and that you can project an image that you believe in.

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