Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christina Milian And Jennifer Freeman Bikini Bodies!!!

Posted by How2Too  |  at  12:26 PM 8 comments

Christina & Jennifer

Jennifer Freeman and Christina Milan have been best friends for a whole lot  of years. But now that they're both brand new mothers and coming out of BAD break ups - the ladies and now chilling together because they have so much in common now. So they got together and decided to get in bikinis and post pics to show the world that there going to be hanging out.


Taken Pics


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  1. Both are beautiful...and they know it...

  2. I want both of them!!

  3. Damn that's all I gotta say

  4. Daaaaamn they are fine. Thats not how the women around here look after babies. I wonder why follow me

  5. I just goes to show ...it doesn't matter how beautiful,smart,talented u may b ...men will cheat on u and dogg u no matter who u r . I hope God can heal their hearts and bring them the true loves of their lives .

  6. I would be surprised to see any actresses/ model have a regular body after a baby....this lipo suction look is nothing new.

  7. Showing off your body, greatful that the baby didn't ruin it is something only crazy asz, fame hungry, image-obsessed, celeb-wannabe bxtches do.

  8. jennifer look like the type that'll put period blood in ur spaghetti n smile while she eat it too. #cuhrazyb!tch


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